Summit at American Black Film Festival

ABFFOctober 25-28, 2007 – Los Angeles, CA

Summit Entertainment attends the American Black Film Festival (ABFF) to promote the return of it’s hit upcoming stage play “Whatever Happened To Black Love?” by Writer/Poet Thomas Meloncon. Present will also be Director and Star Ernest Thomas to help with the promotion with this exciting event.

Summit will also have its eye out for new talent for upcoming projects in 2008 and will be looking for the best and the brightest seasoned and new talent.

Hit Stage Play To Return

The stage play, “Whatever Happened to Black Love?” is coming back in September 2011 with another all Star cast.

Whatever Happened to Black Love? is a courtroom “dramedy” that examines the internal and external social conditions that are causing the break-up of the Black Family today.

What are the external influences?

From the beginning … Slavery, then there was racism, unemployment and continued systematic discriminating conditions.

What are the internal social influences?

Mistrust … between Black men and women, then the lack of faith in each other’s abilities, along with the wholesale acceptance of “white” beauty standards. Not to mention the need to blame one another for problems, including relying on an outdated, European method of resolving conflicts, all mixed in with the use of drugs, sex and violence to escape problems have spelled disaster for the Black Family.

Whatever Happened to Black Love? raises fundamental questions: What or who should be blamed for the present deteriorated condition of the Black Family? The conditions mentioned above? Can control of the Black Family be regained? And if so, what will it take?