Black Love - The Stage Play

Thomas MelonconWorld renown play-write and director, Thomas Meloncon, leads a star-studded cast. This inspirational production concentrates on empowering all ethnic groups and nationalities with the knowledge and wisdom on maintaining a solid family structure. With our all-star cast, the production anticipates attendance figures well over 80% capacity per market, which is reflective of the production’s past success.

Whatever Happened to Black Love 2011

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In addition to the frequent need of couples to inflict misplaced blame on one another, the use of outdated methods to resolve differences often plays a pivotal role in marital relationships. The use of sex to escape marital problems has often caused major conflict in today’s families.

“Whatever Happened to Black Love?” raises fundamental questions: What and/or who is responsible for the often seen deteriorated condition of today’s families? Can control of family values be regained? If so, what will it take?

“Whatever Happened to Black Love?” is a fun-filled, relationship-building play that screams for audience participation. It will make you laugh, as well as cry, but most importantly, it will raise your cultural consciousness.

“Whatever Happened to Black Love?” leaves its audience with a renewed sense of love and joy. Its socially conscious theme is a unique blend of comedic dialogue and thought provoking intrigue. The play use of real life family issues provides an excellent backdrop to this well delivered production.